Slav Fest 2023 Announcements

The Festival of Slavic Culture "Slav Fest" is held every two years.  The 2021 Slav Fest was cancelled due to the COViD 19 pandemic but Slav Fest  - 2023 is currently being planned. 

If you wish to be a volunteer either telephone 0431 774 202 or email

Previous Slav Fests

Slav Fest 2019 Exhibitions

Slav Fest - 2019 exhibition at the Garden City Sopping Centre Library:

Bulgarian Display
Czech Slovak Display
Polish Display
Russian Display
Serrbian Display
Ukrainian Display

Slav Fest - 2019 exhibition at the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Library:

Slav Fest 2019 Program - click on image tp play video 

About Us

One Slav Fest That Connects Us Together

In September 2016, ten of Brisbane’s Slavic communities committed to creating the inaugural Festival of Slavic Culture, planned for the August – September 2017. The proposed Festival program includes:

  • a Gala Concert,
  • an exhibition running four weeks in the central Brisbane City Council Library, and
  • community events staged at various ethnic clubs across Brisbane.

Our mission

To inspire recognition of each Slavic community’s history as well as the contributions made by people and organisations of Slavic origin to multi-cultural Australia.

Our goals

To introduce the general community to Slavic culture by:

  • demonstrating to the general Australian public the rich and vibrant Slavic culture through a Gala Concert, and a series of exhibitions and tastings of Slavic cuisines,
  • providing public education and awareness of the extraordinary contributions provided by both the Slavic communities and the individuals of Slavic origin during times of peace and war,
  • fostering public awareness about the broad range of contributions by Slavs in Australia to culture, science, technology and the multi-cultural Australian way of life, and
  • providing links to heritage sites and to other memorials devoted to men and women of Slavic origins.

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Contact Us

Organising Committee Chair: Dr Vladis Kosse

Tel: (07) 3398 9975;

Mobile: 0431 774 202;


Mailing address: 117 Jones Road, Carina heights, Qld, 4152